3 Tips to Save Your Business Money Using Video

Video for Business

These days, a lot of businesses have gone virtual. Whether it was by necessity (thanks, COVID-19) or a business strategy they’ve implemented for years, tons of companies now conduct whole areas of their business virtually. And most of them accomplish that, at least in part, by using video. The fact is, you can save your business a lot of money by using video.

Curious about what facets of your business you should consider conducting virtually? Not sure how to incorporate video into your business model? That’s why we’re here! As industry professionals, we’ve got years of experience in helping clients use video content to save money, bring in new leads, and scale their business. And we can help you achieve those same results. We’ve gathered up our three best tips to save your business money using video.



If you offer any coaching or consulting services in your business, this is an area that you could take entirely virtual. There are plenty of benefits to using video for coaching or consulting with clients. The first and most obvious benefit is money. If you have been renting some type of office or business space to conduct your in-person coaching or consulting, that expense will disappear. Even if you’ve always opted for meeting clients in a public space, you have to consider the money that you spend getting to that location, food or drink that you purchase at your meeting location (let’s be honest, you’re probably at a Starbucks and you’re probably not going to sit there for an hour without a drink in your hand).

When you go virtual using video, you save on all of these expenses. But saving money isn’t the only benefit. It also saves both you and your clients time— after all, no more commutes (unless you count walking to your office). And your options for meeting times will suddenly become much more flexible. You may never have considered coaching or consulting with a client at non-traditional hours when you were meeting in person. But when you’re just hopping on a Zoom call, it suddenly becomes much more viable to schedule your meeting for 7 am or 7 pm. Clients who found it hard to fit in-person meetings into their schedule will probably find it much easier to schedule a virtual call that they can do in their own home.

If you’re considering switching over to consulting or coaching via video, all you really need is access to Zoom, an appointment scheduler (there are tons, but Acuity Scheduling is a great option), and a way to communicate with your clients (if you want something a little more professional than just texting or email, a business communication platform like Slack can be helpful)


Until recently, conferences seemed to be one area of business that hardly ever went virtual. Now that our way of life has changed, at least for now, in-person conferences have become a thing of the past. And yet we still seem to be stuck in the mindset that a conference can only be a conference if we board a plane, check into a hotel, and spend a few days listening to keynote speakers and attending networking events.

Here’s the thing: a conference is still a conference even if no one ever leaves their own home. In fact, a virtual conference can be even better than an in-person conference. People from across the globe can participate in an incredible conference and interact with one another without having to fly around the world or drop money on a hotel.

You can save your business tons of money by taking your regular in-person conferences virtual using video. You can even incorporate both live and pre-filmed video in your virtual conference, giving you the best of both worlds. For some great examples of successful virtual conferences, check out this article.


Training new employees can be a huge financial drain on a business. Research has shown that the average cost per hire is currently about $4,000. And training can be a huge part of that initial onboarding cost. When you switch over to training by using video, you can save a lot. In fact, Microsoft reported that implementing a video learning program saved them around $13.9 million dollars per year.

When you film your regular training process, you can use that material to train every new hire moving forward instead of repeating that same process every time you hire a new employee. Not sure how to do that? Well, it’s one of our specialties! We can help you film everything you need to train new employees. Reach out to us to find out more! And for a more in-depth look at training employees virtually with video, check out this blog post.


That’s what we do! We can help you save money, bring in new leads, and scale your business using video. For more information on our services, check out our website or get in touch with us today!

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