Video Editing


Our video editing services can be summed up in one sentence: we take your raw footage and turn it into polished, publishable content. You’ve got a budget and a deadline. Our video editing company can deliver on both.

Video editing is where it all comes together. Our job is to create a cohesive and compelling story that delivers your key message. At the end of the day, the goal of the video is to help you build that relationship with your customer. We want to inspire. Excite. Delight.

Our expert editors have both the technical expertise and creative ability to create a story that uniquely represents your brand. They pull key threads from your raw footage and weave them together to create one cohesive story.

See our editing magic in the video editing section of our work.

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Editing completes the structure of a story. The first stage is tying the story together. Guided by the script and the storyboard, we trim the footage and build the structure. We set the stage for the narrative through the masterful use of technology and the application of techniques.

The next stage is adding the graphical elements, as needed. This is where we insert logos, transitions, and B-roll footage. The final stage is where we enhance the audio and the color, where applicable and necessary.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that editing, in itself, is an evolving process. We may start with one idea. But, as we go along, it’s normal to make a slight detour (while remaining true to the project’s goals and the story’s message).

That’s why it’s important to choose a video editing company that you trust. Our clients know that we are their partners. And we’re just as invested in their success as they are.

If we produce your video, editing services can be included as part of your package. We’re also happy to edit videos you’ve produced yourself or had produced elsewhere.

No idea how video editing is done? No problem! We can take you through the process, so you understand what’s happening every step of the way. We make it look easy, so you can sit back, relax, and marvel at the video magic we create.


The videos we edit become “snackable” bites on social media and full-length videos for uploading to blog posts, promoting on your website, or advertising on television.

Types of video editing services we offer:

  • Professional Video Editing
  • 2D Video Graphics
  • Visual Effects
  • Color Grading
  • Sound Design

Looking for something else? Let us know and we’ll work it out.

Studio Nine 13 provides video editing services to clients nationally in every niche. Some of our clients include motivational speakers, doctors, real estate agents, and even other videographers.

Our process is simple: you send us your raw footage. We return it to you polished and ready for publishing.

What sets us apart from other video editing companies?

Our work ethic and our turnaround time, which go hand-in-hand. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our video editing resume to see the Studio Nine 13 difference.

Ready to get rolling? Let’s do this.


Did you know we offer editing and post-production services for television? If you’ve got a television pilot that needs some polishing, we can handle all of your post-production needs.

Did you know we offer editing and post-production services for television? If you’ve got a television pilot that needs some polishing, we can handle all of your post-production needs.

When we provide post-production for your TV show, you’ll get access to our entire team of video production experts. We can take care of everything you need — editing, color, sound design, and more.

If you want a peek at our services, check out our post-production work on the pilot episode of Boulder Buds. Boulder Buds is a sitcom about an eclectic group of friends who run Dead Lizard Buds & Brews, a cannabis shop in Boulder, Colorado. The pilot introduces us to Sean, owner and Mr. Nice Guy, and his wacky crew — unmotivated partner Andy, manager and potential love interest Alex, homeless yogi Morgan, intimidating brewer Jeep, and the instantly unlikeable Zane.

Looking for help with television editing?

We’ve got you covered! Get in touch with us today to get started. And for a deeper look at our video editing prowess, check out our portfolio.