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Before we get into how we create a video marketing strategy, let’s break down the two types of clients that we work with. The first type is a marketing company.

In most cases, they come to us with a fixed marketing strategy and a set of goals. All that’s left to do is produce their video content. These companies have clients too, and our job is to help them execute their client’s plan.

The second type of client is the businesses we work with directly. In this case, we start the process by developing a video marketing strategy.

This video marketing strategy guides the way we write the script, produce the video, and edit it. It ensures that we are on-brand and that each element of the video has a strategic purpose.

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Step 1: Determine their goals

What do you want to achieve with this video?

Step 2: Identify their target audience

Who are you talking to? And what do you want to say?

Step 3: Research their keywords

In videos, keywords can be optimized in titles and descriptions.

Step 4: Define their platforms and audiences

This allows us to better craft their message. Is this video primarily for YouTube? If so, then it would require a YouTube video marketing strategy. Creating video content is not a one-size-fits-all process. There are nuances to each type of content and platform. Part of our job is helping clients understand and navigate these differences.

Step 5: Create a video content marketing strategy

This includes organic posts and paid ads for various platforms. If the video will be used as content for social media, we develop a social media video marketing strategy to maximize reach and impact.

Step 6: Video SEO

This is where we optimize and rank your videos on the internet. Video production is just half the work. The other half is making sure it stands out and reaches your target audience.


When people search online, video content is more likely to get engagement. And just like a television commercial (but cheaper!), it helps build your brand.

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Videos are vital to any SEO and digital marketing strategy. Next to Google, YouTube is the most popular search engine. This means that if you’re not creating video content for your business, you’re missing out a huge opportunity.

The goal of video SEO is for videos to rank better. Creating high quality content is the number one rule of making videos. But that’s not enough. It’s important to go the extra mile and optimize your video. After all, what’s the point of a great video if no one sees it?

When optimizing video content, keywords are important. Once we have these, we can optimize the video file and thumbnail. Did you know thumbnails help drive viewership? It offers a sneak peek of your video. Viewers will often decide whether or not to watch (or skip) your video based on this single image.

The final part of our video SEO technique is ranking on Google and YouTube for targeted organic traffic.

Do you want to know how your business can benefit from our video marketing strategy? Let’s get started!