Kristin Macari

Kristin Macari


Kristin grew up in a family that was chock-full of entrepreneurs (before being an entrepreneur was cool). Surrounded by family members with the entrepreneurial spirit, including her mom (Jeanine Corcoran) and 8 of her mom’s 10 siblings, Kristin always knew she was going to own her own business someday. She just didn’t know what that business would be.

With a background in marketing, Kristin spent the beginning of her career working as a marketing manager for a national home builder. But when her husband, Quinton, unexpectedly found himself without a job, Kristin and Quinton decided to take the leap and start their own business. And so Studio Nine 13 was born.

Now, as a business owner and entrepreneur, Kristin’s favorite thing about running Studio Nine 13 is bringing content to life and helping other business owners find success.

Kristin credits her entrepreneurial drive to her family — the role models who showed her it’s possible to create your own dreams and always make it work.

Kristin is a true crime junkie. As a die-hard murderino (if ya know, ya know), she often listens to crime podcasts while she edits and falls asleep to Forensic Files (nothing like a few murder stories to relax the mind).

Kristin and Quinton named their business after several momentous dates… Kristin’s birthday (June 13th), Quinton’s birthday (March 13th), and their wedding anniversary (September 13th). You could say 13 is their number.