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Southeast Mitigation Services




On this project, Studio Nine 13 worked with Southeast Mitigation and Restoration, an authorized contractor in the mitigation and restoration industry that specializes in both residential and commercial damage repairs in the Central Florida area. Over the course of a half-day shoot, our Orlando video production team got enough footage to produce one long-form cleaning service explainer video and four social media ads.

Explainer video production requires strategic pre-production planning. That’s why we invested time in writing the script and creating quality graphics for Southeast Mitigation’s videos.

We always like to start with a “hook” in explainer videos, to capture the viewers’ attention. With Southeast Mitigation, we decided to highlight their relevance in relation to the current global health crisis. To see the final product, check out their explainer video and one of their social media ads.


What is an explainer video?

As the name implies, it is a video created specifically to explain how your products or services work. It is meant to show your target market how you can help solve their problems. It is usually animated to capture and keep, your audience’s attention.

You’re thinking: My website already does that. Why would I need a video to do the same?

Good point, actually. Yes, your website has all the information your customers need. But it is not always easy to absorb and appreciate. And let’s admit it, many people are visual learners. It is often easier to understand a new idea if it is presented through a story and an engaging one at that.

Our explainer video services help introduce brands and businesses to a global audience. It tells people who you are and what sets you apart from the rest—all in under two minutes.

Just ask our client, Southeast Mitigation Services, a local mitigation and restoration contractor. We worked with them for explainer video production.


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