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Draw 21




Draw 21 is an online platform where you can play a game that’s a lot like Blackjack. And just like in the real game, you can win prizes too. Draw 21 is the first and only game of its kind. For new players, this means learning a new set of rules while navigating an unfamiliar online platform.

On their website, the rules of the game are explained. There is a separate page each for key components of the game: betting, playing, using real money to play, and earning rewards points, among others. It’s easy to understand but if you don’t know how to play Blackjack or any other card game, it can be a lot to take in especially without a visual guide.

Take the playing part, for instance. Draw 21 is a game played with a 52-card deck. It is dubbed as a one decision game, which means every hand has a winner or loser. Players have six options depending on the cards they are dealt with: Instant Win, Play, 21 or Bust, Surrender, Split, or 777 Bonus.

The best way to understand how each option works is to play the game. And that is what the explainer video does. It takes viewers through the game as if they are actually playing it. The voice-over elaborates on the finer details. For this project, the bulk of the work focused on the technical aspects—design, animation, audio quality, and even the subtle background music.



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For the Explainer Video for Draw 21, we aimed to keep it fun and easy to understand. During video editing, the bulk of the work focused on the technical aspects—design, animation, audio quality, and subtle background music.


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